Webkit (Safari) – Speed Dial bookmarklet

Since chrome (well I know opera did it way back when… but anyway) the speed dial feature of a browser has become very popular and I thought that since bookmarklets are cool and webkit has a database engine, surely these ideas could all be combined, so I’ve built a simple speed dial page written totally in javascript with webkit’s SQL engine.

It’s not super pretty, surely has some bugs (if you load the bookmarklet from anything other than a new tab, you’ll have no favourites and also it can’t be your homepage, for some reason), and you need to sign up for a snapcasa.com account (it is free!) for the prettiness, but it’s mainly proof-of-concept.

speedDial bookmarklet for WebKit
speedDial bookmarklet for WebKit

To enjoy previews of the sites you’ve added, you’ll need to sign up for a free account at http://snapcasa.com/Register.aspx after which you will have to add your IP address (hopefully it’s static… sorry if not, but there are other solutions… http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/10-free-website-thumbnail-generation-services/)

You can download the package with a YUI compressed copy of the code and a fully expanded version below, or alternatively, you can copy this code, remembering to replace the SNAPCASA_CODE with your own code:

and paste in directly!

Download (3.2KB)

As ever, this snippet is under the Creative Commons ShareAlike Attribution license.