chunk – Read a large (XML) file a chunk at a time

I’ve recently had to parse some pretty large XML documents, and needed a method to read one element at a time.

Here’s a fairly simple solution in PHP and Ruby form (hopefully a Python one coming soon…).

If you have the following file (complex-test.xml):

And wanted to return the <Object/>s



It (probably) doesn’t work with nested XML elements, but the use I had for it didn’t require that it did.

You can get the PHP version here, and the Ruby one here.

Update: The class was accepted onto PHP Classes as a notable package! 04/08/2009.

6 Replies to “chunk – Read a large (XML) file a chunk at a time”

  1. This code helped me parse some very large files quickly, however when I try to create more than one chunk instance in a script, it will error out. I am not quite sure why this is happening. I receive the following exception when I try to read the second XML file in:

    I am calling again, so I am not sure why a second execution would cause this behavior. If I execute each import separately, everything works. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi there Ben,

      I’ll certainly have a play with it and see if it’s something I can resolve quickly, not sure why it would have any impact though…

      Thanks for pointing this out!


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