jQuery Ajaxify Lite

I’ve been using the ajaxify plugin for a while now and felt it needed an update.

Since .live() is supported for more events now, I thought it was time to get it working how I always wanted it to work.

Using the same syntax on links as before, you can specify the target div, using the target=”” attribute and the url is automatically extracted from the href=”” or action=”” attribute meaning you can keep your code simple and valid but have easily Ajax populated content, as since I’m using .live() any future links/forms that match the original selector will continue to be ‘ajaxified’.

There’s a demo here and source code too, as ever.

Also available through Google Code.

3 Replies to “jQuery Ajaxify Lite”

  1. Looks real nice! Just got a quick look at Ajaxify Lite!
    I’ll give it a try and post the link to the website later.

    Thanks a lot.

    btw, jquery and plugins i use pro. I always support this by making a donation……………..

    1. Thanks for commenting! I hope you find the script useful!

      As far as donating goes, if you would like to, I’d prefer you donate to a ‘worthy’ cause on my behalf. Some charities that I feel are very beneficial are Macmillan Cancer Support, NSPCC, PDSA, but of course, any charity will be grateful for receiving funds.

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