WevDAV-js update

I’ve recently updated my JS bookmarklet webdav-js and added in some new features including tracking the history state, back button support and proper navigation.

The main thinking behind the bookmarklet is to enable easy manipulationĀ of WebDAV shares without leaving the browser. This bookmarklet allows you to, at the click of the button, browse and upload to WebDAV shares, all within the browser. I’m working on copy/move functionality but currently it supports the basics.

It’s available on github and you can dragĀ the bookmarklet here directly to your bookmarks bar:

How it looks:

An additional item that might be of use to someone is being able to make your WebDAV shares use this automatically. If you have your server configured to allow directory listings when browsing WebDAV, you can use the directives to automatically send this bookmarklet contents to allow easy control of WebDAV shares without much configuration by adding the below to your Apache config files:

and saving the below as webdav-js.html in the root of your WebDAV share:

I do intend to add support for more functionality as time allows.

Tested in Chrome and Firefox.

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