jsDebug 0.1 – Dump javascript objects

There have been many times I’ve wanted to debug an object in various browsers, and see why that particular key is null in IE6 or whatever, so I’ve made this small independent ‘Debug()’ function for use in all the major browser

It’s not dependent on any frameworks and gives a simple interface listing all information about objects required. Each call to Debug() adds a new table at the top of the panel showing the information retrieved from the pass variable.

It’s only a first draft and the depth feature doesn’t actually work as object depth yet, but rather as the number of internal objects to dump before not doing any more… Any recursion experts feel free to add this, but please share it 🙂

Not so pretty, functional though...
Not so pretty, functional though...

You can get it here or see it in action too. Oh it’s free, do what you want with it.

jQuery – Automatic Image Captions

Lots of RTEs allow you to add images and float them, but not many allow for simple captions to be wrapped around the images…

This script in conjunction with jQuery allows just that… Very simple and fairly unobtrusive.

If you wanted to add captions to all images (from their longdesc, title or alt attributes) within <div class=”content”/> you could do:


Which produces something like this:

jQuery Add Captions - Screenshot (Like this!)
jQuery Add Captions - Screenshot (Like this!)

No styling is carried out by the script itself, so you’ll have to add in some extra classes, but in the zip file should be everything you need to get started (including jQuery 1.3.2 minified).


Edit: Added to the work blog too.

Update: I have updated the script, see this post.