JavaScript shithead game

I’d started work on this some time ago, but hadn’t gotten around to fixing a couple of bugs. I finally did today!

It’s the variant that I used to play a lot when I younger (and still do occasionally) so follows those rules, but I’ve tried to build it in a way that it should be possible to modify the game to meet your rules. I quite like the Deck and Card object prototypes and I’m hoping to re-use them in another card game I’m toying with making a clone of.

I’m quite happy with the card styling too, I like the effect of the card stack and, despite the bug when you hover over the right-hand edge of the last card in a hand, I’m happy with how it functions!

You can check it out here, and the source code is on github for your forking pleasure!

Flow Free JavaScript clone

I’ve been playing a lot of Flow Free on my phone and tablet. Probably far too much, but I really enjoy it.

The aim of the game is to link each of the dots together with their counterparts via a drawn line, but you also need to ensure the whole box is filled with the lines. This means that on some levels there are multiple solutions, or that the solution you need is not obvious!

I was interested in how easy it would be to re-make the game in web technologies, so I took the opportunity to learn about CSS variables and experimented with very minimal HTML.

The result is available to experiment with on Codepen and the source is also available on github.