Advent QC430 (QRC430) Windows XP Drivers

Just spent hours trying to set up Windows XP on an Advent QC430 (QRC430) which had Vista on. There doesn’t seem to be a pack of drivers already for it so I thought that I’d combine all the drivers I found into one zip file for anyone else suffering the same misfortune, to save time hunting through forums and experimenting with trial and error.

Contains all the files you should need (display, wireless, touchpad, audio, etc).

Please let me know if there are any missing files, but I’ve just used all these to set up this laptop so they should all be there.

My first starting point was:

which contained most of the files that were needed, although the display and wireless drivers failed.



Edit: As per a couple of comments, it seems the audio drivers don’t work with SP3, unfortunately I don’t have the laptop to test this with any more, but another commenter helpfully provided a link to an updated set on Intel’s site.

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  1. Что-то браток твоя ссылка на драйвера выдаёт ошибку.

    Google translate: Something mate your link to the driver gives an error.

    1. Both links in the post seem to work ok for me?

      Was it the rapidshare link, or the post on

      If the rapidshare link goes down, I can re-upload the zip file. 🙂

  2. thank you so very much, this has saved me twice now, stupid laptop keeps passing out and needing to be formatted and each time I use your pack!Having trouble downloading it this time but its rapidshare, not you. Thanks this is brill!!

    1. Hi breadcake,

      Thanks for commenting! I’m not sure why Rapidshare is playing up, I’ll have a look at setting up an alternative download, and perhaps even allow downloads of specific files form within the package.

      Best of luck setting it up!


  3. please, i am finding it difficult to download the drivers from the rapidshare link provide on this blog, has any one download this drivers successfully? if yes, please attach it to my email @ . i really need urgent respond.Thanks

    1. Hey there, sorry to hear you were having problems with the links. I’ve added a Dropbox download and a local link but I’m happy to upload to other providers if that would be better. Links are in the original post.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Thank you. I downloaded your drivers but still could not get the sound and wlan to work.. I had XP pro with sp3 on and nothing would get the sound to work. I uninstalled XP then I reinstalled XP with only SP2 on, then all your drivers worked perfectly.
    now I am in the process of reinstalling Microsofts many updates. Thanks again

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