jQuery Ajaxify 0.1

A simple wrapper for jQuery methods to make AJAX forms into 1-liners.

In it's simplest form you should only need the following line:


Which would make all the forms on the current page run AJAX requests and update their parent nodes.

You can specify options to the function call:

    'append': 'ajax=1',   // this will be appended to the URLs requested (default: ajax=1)
    'async': true,        // runs the request asynchonously (default: true)
    'contentType': null,  // the content type to send the data as (default: application/x-www-form-urlencoded)
    'dataType': 'html',   // the type of data returned (default: html)
    'type': null,         // the type of request GET/POST (form default: method attribute, link default: GET)
    'update': null,       // the element to fill with the returned data (default: parent element)
    'url': null           // the url to request (form default: action attribute, link default: href attribute)

Note: When the form is replaced, you will need to make another call to $('form').ajaxify(); to ensure the form is submitted using AJAX again. You could include <script type="text/javascript">$('form').ajaxify();</script> in the data returned by the AJAX request to ensure this, but there are other ways I'm sure. Unfortunately the .live() method currently doesn't support submit. :(