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The options are detailed in the script. The most useful options are detailed in the source below.

Note: I'm using the target attribute of the elements to control where the response will be rendered:

  <a href="quick.php" target="div.result">Quick Link</a>

If you're using the same settings all over your site, it's probably worth changing the default settings in jquery.ajaxify-0.4.js and re-compressing using the YUI compressor (

All the callbacks provided as an option to $().ajaxify(); are passed as is to the AJAX object with the exception of complete and beforeSend which are called internally within the scripts versions of each. For more information on the callbacks that are available check out the jQuery documentation:

The object this in all the callbacks, should refer to the options object itself, so if you needed to access the element that should be updated by the request in the error callback, this.update should work.

Additional data can be sent with all requests if you specify the data key in the options object. If data is a string, it will be appended to the data as-is, any other types will be passed through jQuery.param()