autoPopulate 0.1

Ever get fed up of testing forms over and over, needing to enter the same details over and over?

No? Oh well, this is probably no use for you then.

If you do however, this bookmarklet might come in handy...

It’s preloaded with a lot of fields already, however it should be easy enough (if you know regular expressions) to extend it and add your own. I've made a very basic generator so you can create your own personalised bookmarklet with data applicable to you (a working test email address, funny names etc.).

I've currently only tested this in Chrome, I'm sure it'll probably work in most...

NOTE: You should not store real details in here as storing personal details in a bookmarklet is not particularly secure!

Test Form


Here's the uncompressed source, in case you don't trust me and here's the blog post in case you want to tell me this sucks.